Krit’s proposal

For this course, I’m planing to explore and achieve skills and experience through digital painting, so i come up with two things:

a) I wanna think about a specific concept and sketch it out many for selections. Then I will scan them and paint them digitally, probably 2-3 pictures for this trimester within the limited time given. For the concept, I want to do something concerning about “Power of wars and death.”

b) Even though i’ve already got a plan for painting, if it’s possible, I may have to combine Independent Study with Selected Topic since I may not have enough time to paint for two subjects. For the Selected topic, my group was assigned to do ‘Robocob’ so i may be able to recreate concept of robocob, sketche and then paint it; it’s also somewhat about high-tech war with robots.


One thought on “Krit’s proposal

  1. Hi Krit, you might want to amend your original idea, to the one we discussed recently regarding ‘Fantasy Portraits’? Perhaps outline what your intentions are with this project and what you intend to achieve?


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