A reminder that you are required to have signed up to the Independent Projects
Blog (see Millie if you haven't asap)
and post up a brief outline of your proposed project by Friday 6th.
Please email your advisor once you have done this and then arrange for a meeting
time for next week.
You will need to arrange a weekly time you can go over progress with your
advisor and be putting up progression of work in the blog (this may be a diary
of activities, artwork, written work or research demonstrating Work in

Your Advisors are:
Ohm; Krit; Ant; Vit; Punch; Prae; Pom; Poe
Bo; Kate; Kumi; Punch; Prae; Bird; Orm; Kratae

For my students my time slots are Monday 1-3pm; Tues 10am-12pm; Wed 1-3pm and
Thurs 10am-12pm other time need to be negotiated on an individual basis. Please
do not assume I will be available for drop in tutorials  during these times you
must make an appointment.

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