praew and punch’s proposal

Our goal for this project is 

 1. Do the research on the making of Robocop film that we wroking on our selected topic class.

2. Do the research on the making of stop motion animation and armature for the robot (ED 209) that we have to create.

3. Redesign the new ED 209 and create character bible.

4. Draw the storyboard.

5. Finish the ED 209 model


2 thoughts on “praew and punch’s proposal

  1. Praew and Punch
    As this is both a joint project between you AND linked to the Selected Topic work YOU MUST make a clearer defined proposal outlining exactly what each of you are doing as you main outcome for this.

    You can be helping out with other aspects but each of you needs one main project piece for each course for assessment. Define your roles in the proposal and resubmit.

    Am I right that you are both now only doing this as ‘2DII section2 not Independent Project’ If so you have me as your advisor and Jason can help with the Selected Topic side of the project.
    Aj Millie

  2. Hi Praew and Punch

    I think we need to chat on Monday about your intended project as we need to define your roles as Aj Millie mentioned, and define what you’re intending to do. Your selected topics project can’t be exactly the same as your independent studies. You will have to explore a different avenue within what you’re doing, if you intend to use the same subject matter.
    Aj Jason

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