01. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

During my meeting with Ajarn Jason, it appears that my game storyline needs to be developed more because at this point the main character is more like a lucky character and I also need to find more references on how the characters, weapons, and vehicles are going to be created.

In addition, I also talked with Ajarn Tuang, who is the Computer and Video Game teacher and he suggested me a program called “Unreal Development Kit (also known as UDK)” along with a video tutorial on how to use the program.

In conclusion, since next week I only have classes on Wednesday and Friday, here are the list of work I have to do for the next meeting:

1. Fix my storyline (The plot and setting)

2. Find some references for my weapon and vehicles (mostly tanks, guns, and some airships)

3. Create a storyboard

P.S. If anyone finds any interesting / unique-looking tanks or guns, can you post or send me the pictures because I would to see and maybe used it as a reference.


2 thoughts on “01. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

  1. Hi Vit, all sounds good! Might I suggest that you work from the ‘general’ to the ‘specific’.
    Try and think about what the terrain will look like and the interiors. Once you have created your world, then you can populate it with your characters and vehicles etc. That way you’ll be able to develop the over-all look of the game.

    Mr Jason

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