Praew and punch ‘s working development and research

This is Praew and Punch’s research and idea, Character design and Storyboard for Robocop Project. However we decide that we are not going to use this with independent study and 2D animation subject because we want to create a new separate work. Our work will be a claymation of a story that we done last trimester in Character Design 2 class. We will develop the story from the old one and make it more professional and more interesting work. Our work will be involving with character bible, full storyboard and about 30 seconds animatic which will be for 2D animation part. For independent study, we will have 3D stop motion with 2D background and character model.


One thought on “Praew and punch ‘s working development and research

  1. Praew and Punch please assign the separate roles and responsibilities each of you are taking for each subject – even as a group project individual work needs to be identified. If you cannot identify this then it will affect your final grades. Please remember that you are two people doing two courses – that is a full value of 16 credits and 32 hours work a week. So a great deal of evidence of what you are and have been doing is needed.
    What you a have shown above is work from a third course also joint work – so an additional 16 hours a week work for the last 4 weeks = 192 hours. You need to do better than this and quickly. I am not yet convinced of how seriously you are taking this or the consequences.

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