Ant’s Proposal and Research + Reference ideas

Through this course I would like to explore and revolve around the idea of “The loss of Innocence”, which is the process of growing up. This idea is originally inspired by a part of poem, which is called “The Last Princess” by Mercedes Kemp in 2010.

“But she is enchanted. She cannot hear.

She is chasing a love she cannot reach.

Before long she strays off the path.

She is lost in the dark, wild woods. She has secret meetings with wolves.

They are charming. They are great dancers.

She abandons herself to their fierce attentions.

A bit too fierce, perhaps. It does not do

3to forget you are a princess. She is not amused. The wolves scatter.

She is alone in the forest dancing upon thorns. Her shoes are red. Her dreams are broken.

How can this be?

She IS a princess to the last. The last princess?”

The Last Princess, Mercedes Kemp 2010 (Enchanted Palace series) 

At the early stages of life, young children has been look up to Fairy Tales and its happy ending, however, as time passed the fairy tales and reality do conflict each other as reality is far too different from fairy tales are, and so to create the co-relation between fairy tales and reality, I will use Princess Diana’s story as role model because for decades, people look up to her as a representation of fairy tale comes true. The topics I researched on are in the followings:

1) Myth, background and history of fairy tales

2) Psychological and Archetype involving Princess

3) Princess Diana’s journey (Biography) The relation between myth and reality

4) Comparison between Princess Diana and other princesses (in both fairy tales and history of mankind)

5) Damsel in Distress

From the exploration I will produce concept arts for the producing a short animated film in relation with the concept ideas. The short animated film will be in 2D animation form and the conceptual style is yet to be decide. The style I considering now at the moment is the children book style as I got inspired by the following short animate film.

The short animated film has the similar concept to my ideas. However, as I researched through I found out about the ideas of being a damsel in distress. For example, the story of Andromeda, the Princess who got sacrificed to Poseidon, the god of sea, then later rescued by Perseus. The damsel in distress often got rescue by the Prince or the hero of the story, in contrast to reality that there is no such hero and to compare with what happen to Princess Diana, there is no hero in her story.

The next step is to develop the ideas and create the storyline as well as complete the thumbnail sketches


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