This is some of our research on claymation and my previous claymation work which we are going to develop it. We will use wire and wood to make the armature inside the clay to make the model stronger than the previous model.The story will be about the pig getting out of the farm and travel to the city. We will use the same character but the will change from four legs to two legs and wearing clothes. However our idea is we want to do it in black and white or sepia to make it look classic.

Praew’s work for 2D animation I part

1. Character’s bible, model and development

2. half of the storyboard (about 30)

Punch’s work for 2D animation I part

1.half of the storyboard (about 30)

2. 30 secs. animatic

Preaw’s work for Independent Study for animation

1. Set and props design and making

2. claymation final piece

Punch”s work for Independent study for animation

1. model making + armature

2.claymation final piece


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