03. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

This week schedule is quite nice as well as next week because I only have classes on Monday and Wednesday only allowing me  a large amount of time to dedicate with both Independance studies and Selected topic.

The recent meeting with Ajarn Jason, I also have a new program called “Google Sketchup” which does a lot of help in terms of preparing and brainstorming the background scene or the environment for my game. I was suggested that when it comes down to brainstorming for presentation, I should at least have a colored visual and that can be done in two ways: One is with Autodesk Maya (Version 2012) and two is with Photoshop. In addition to that, I recently was able to get my Bootcamp up and ready to run UDK (Unreal Development Kit, in case some people forgot what it is) so what that means is that not only can I use Google Sketchup to stimulate the environment, but I can also use UDK to both brainstorm the environment and do some test-run with the scene.

With that, here are what I need to accomplish for next week meeting,

1. Finish some designs for the Tank

2. Finish designing some characters (Enemies and Bosses)

3. Design some energy packs

P.S If anyone finds any interesting pictures of a futuristic aircraft, can you post or send me the pictures. I need them for my flying-type enemies design.

Here is what I’m talking about



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