BO:: proposal & what I’ve been doing

Proposal:: For my thesis, I’m thinking of doing commercial with animation in it. So what I have to learn is to know some theories of 2D and be able to use specific programs like after effects or photoshop.

week 1: I start off with researching and looking up some videos with real footage and animation in them. I found lots and lots of complicated stuff which are totally too difficult for me so I went to my friends and they kind of showed me their 2D work from last term and let me play around with after effects just a bit to know how it works.

week2: I still couldn’t think of the theme I want to work with. However, I got after effects and photoshop programs and the Bamboo pen and touch tablet to play with. After I finished installing the bamboo program, I’m accidentally interested in its commercial because it’s the 2d animation with real footage. What’s more, the style and how they created is nice and simple. What I mean is they didn’t draw out detailed characters to make the entire thing attractive but they just make every single thing in the commercial looks flow and catchy.


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