My guideline character and story

I have tried to figure out the character that I want to do, and I thought about some random characters. However, I came up with an idea of a man with multi personalities. I was watching a TV program about medical diagnosis, in which most diseases seemed to be unsolved at first, but later on, the diseases would be revealed by accidents, or even fatal than regular diseases, such as mental disease. One story that I like in particular is about a woman with multi personalities, in which she hurt herself and brought to ER, reacted as if she was possessed. Surprisingly, she woke up next morning and acted like a little angel, by the afternoon nap, the devil came back. It ended up that she actually had four differences people in herself, each one know each other, and the two or three characters afraid of each other, that’s why she hurt herself .

The story I plot is basically for the upcoming thesis next year, even though my vision isn’t clear and stable, but I have a character in mind. A typical man, work as a part time librarian and freelance writer is caught by police, he is suspected by police, detective, neighbor and the flat owner for  murdering a girl who lives in the opposite room, because the room is locked from the inside and there are only two people in that floor.  He is an anti social, live alone for most of the time, but also a very imaginative one. The police inspects him, and of curse he refuses, but willing to give his interpersonal details with her, some little tiny conversations and says how lovely she is. He admits she is the only on who willing to help him in flat. He has a trouble sleeping, and listens to what she is doing. He tells the police about what he hears sometimes at night from that room such as people have sex and some arguments.

The police don’t trust him that much, therefore asked him for one more investigation. He doesn’t have a trouble sleeping that night, but dreaming that another guy comes and considers to be the subject one. Another guys come for the investigation as well as him, right after him another guy enters. The police don’t ask him much and let him go. The next morning he wakes up late to the work, and skips it to stay home, and write a book, he decides to write about her, about what he actually hears and doubts of about her. He remembers other two guys who came for her money twice, having a very harsh arguments and verbally abuse her,  and another one who is very violent. Two days after, he is working at the library, and he is called by the police once again, and he is arrested by the police.

The key of the character that he has an big, massive imaginary mind. That he is trying to get away from himself, a very plain one to another big opposite controlled kind of guy, a type that willing to say anything. And also another two with a very verbally abused, and a violent one. The point is that each one knows each other, even though they have a totally totally differences disgusting personality. Each one accused others for having an affair with one another. That’s why it caused chaos, but in fact all of the four character loves her so bad, that’s the only thing she has in common.

I think it’s interesting to find characters in which have a total pibolar, extremely differences in one person. I don’t wan the mood to go up and down, but the objects (sculpture or painting) needs to be clear, colorful and over the top, as it is so clear and  I want the viewers understand the feeling through colors and texture I will use (silicone, epoxy glue and polystyrene).


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