For Kumi:(Felt pen doodle animation)Tom Tom Club’s classic animated video for ‘Genius of Love’. Designed by James Rizzi, Directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel.

and Pleasures of Love Tom Tom Club again  

and TheHead / hand-drawn animated shortby parquerama 

and look at (my Ajarn from my MA) Graham Rawle’s collage work on how he made his book on the Wizard of OZ

For Preaw:(make notes on any paper, automatic thinking…be more open with the possibilities, hidden in the scaps of notes could be the very idea you should go with) Yellow sticky notes

and (more random notes on tickets by my old Ajarn from my MA, Margaret Huber)

For Bird :get textural, think about the possibilities of what the armor could be made from and how this would affect the function and design.

Just watch this for fun… and textures Galileo by  Ghislain Avrillon

Think about how magic builds on it’s own history and so objects are embued with meaning and power and become used and moulded and antique over time….

For ref look at this book. The Luck in the Head by M John Harrison and Ian Miller ( Play with dimensions




Just a taster…


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