Extracting ideas from books and deep inside the brain

All of the last 3 week, i spend most of my time reading the book “Scriptwriting” (borrowing from ms.Millie) and  “Understanding Animation” by Paul Wells and “Idea for the animated short” by Karen Sullivan. the focal point that I try to capture from reading these book is to get a basic concept of how good story developed. Nevertheless, most of them explain all the same basic structure of the straight line story which basically good for making a short animation. Still, the whole point of my study is to create more complex story to the audience, so I note some elements from each book I read and extract it out in my own ways.

One of the thing I use as exercises is to creating graph and my mapping based on one broad category and break it down based on what i saw or read from every story around the world. What I would gain from doing this is to find out what kind of story has been done before and how often it lead to a successful story.

Then at nearly the end of trimester, these exercise would help me see what kind of story that no one has done it before. Therefore, these research could help me reach a new area of idea that i haven’t notice before

For a reference pictures and movies, I will ask the advisor what is appropriate to post on this board then

Sample Graph 

Brainstorm exercise

Parallax World’s Concept

–       Fantasy / Legendary (old) / Connected to present or future world

–       Sci-fi / Modern (futuristic) / involves with ancient world or beliefs

Simple Possible Storyline

1. Legend concept

–       A promise between two or more people in the past, which affect the present event. Come up with a legend for the whole story possibly a promise then give a connection between past and present with conflicts or problem.

–       At this point, concepts of the story could be divided into Romance (promise between lover), Heroism (founder of the legend tribe), Expedition (a group of specialist), Evil deed (an avenger), Holy belief (a savior), or Friendship (the meeting of old friends) and Philosophical mind (explanation of what is the truth).

–       Conflict may happen during the past, present, and also future depended on the story concept. An example of the past conflict that lead to present would be a promise that couldn’t be done in the past which in the present someone show up and fulfill it (Reincarnation of lover/ group of people/ hero/evil). For example of the present conflict, curiosity and evil act create a disturbance to legend, which it becomes a problem for the whole story (Holy belief/punishment/Evil deed/Meaning of life/Expedition).

–       Possible type of environment: Underwater world, City with old structure, Dreamland.

–       “Unrequited love” Forbidden planet” – people though come to life. The tempest (from shake spear).

–       Struggle of the heart, physical. End up death. Love without giving back.

2. Modern concept

–      Spaces, Warfare, Online technology are simple example of the world in

this category. Starting with a narration explain the current state of present then give a conflict to the story is one way to explain the whole idea in this case.

–       Normally, modern concept is unlikely to be involved with historical

event and believe. The story line is tended to show the futuristic image to the audience because past sequence or non-modern image would distracting the imagination of the reader. Still, there is an exception in this category, which may create a great impact to the audience in a good way such as using a higher technology as a historical fact in the story and introduce the whole sequence with somewhat normal technology.

–       Sometime, fantasy concept or legendary concept can be used as a based content of the story as well. Online game or outer space existences are good example for it.

–        Possible type of environment: City, Space, and Unreal world with realistic and modern texture.


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