Little Pig in the big city (work progress)

Little Pig in the Big City


The story starts with flashback memory of the pig watching his pig friends enjoy getting muddy and eating dirty rice bran with sympathy. He decided to escape from the farm hoping to start a new life in the city. While he was fascinating with the light and the city he discover that there are many darkness behind the beautiful city. He tried so hard to fit in the city life, but the harder he tried to fit in the more he misses his farm.


  1. Flashback memory of the pig living in the farm

–       The pig does not want to get muddy while other pigs enjoy it.

–       The pig does not enjoy eating bran while other are.

–       He finally decided to travel to the city to live with luxury life.

2.  The pig was fascinate of the beauty of the city

–       The pig walking along the walk path happily and see a nice restaurant

–       The pig went into the restaurant and orders a hamburger.

–       The pig enjoying the burger but when he opens the buns up he saw that the meat in the hamburger was pork.

–       He ran away from the restaurant with shock.

3.  The pig walking along the path exhausting.

–       While the pig waiting to cross the street, a bus ran pass him and blowing the smoke all over his body.

–       The pig cough and felling dirty, so he tries to find a place to take a shower.

–       He went into a big hotel and got kick out because he can’t afford it, so he went to a crappy motel.

–       The motel was very dirty; there were rats and cockroaches.

–       He ran away from the motel.

4.  The pig sees a swimming pool so he jumps into it.

–       The pool guard caught the pig for making the pool dirty and clean him up.

–       The pig was not satisfied of other animal bathing for him.

5.  The pig sitting beside the road starving and thinking about the life in the farm.

–       The pig enjoys getting muddy with his friends in the pond.

–       The pig full with delicious rice bran with his friends.

6.  The pig living the city to his farm life.


Custom and Character design (Sketches) by Praew

Pig model Sheet by Punch

Draft storyboard (unfinish)

Storyboard number 1-15 by Praew

Storyboard number 16-30 by Punch


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