recent work+story board

Couple weeks ago, I watched the video food fight on youtube and everything looks so agressive and fun. I then got inspired and so i tried to drew out fruit and vetgetable for my opening credit for my project. Actually, I wanted to do a cooking show with real footage, but AJ Milli suggested it takes a lot of time, why not doin only an opening credit for the cookingshow. I agreed and so I moved on thinking about would I make my opening credit interesting.

I went on youtube and found Pixar opening credit. It’s so funny to see the lamp trying to replace the letter “I”. Then I learn that an interesting way they did is to have they character”lamp” interact with the texts. It was just one single lamp and that’s it. Looks simple but interesting in its own style. I then got inspired so fast that I should make my fruit interact with my opening credit.

I also randomly drew out the vegetables and other fruits just in case they can play their roles in my opening credit




















(food fight)

(This is Pixar opening credit with the cute lamp)



my storyboard
























My 2 main characters are banana and watermelon.

1. banana spins itself from left to right ( the opening credit “botada production” follows along)

2. water melon rotates itself to wipe out the opening credit (left to right) which makes banana becomes so shocked.

3. banana is pissed off and yells to watermelon

4. banana spins itself back to the right and tells watermelon to continue doing the opening credit

5. watermelon jumps and bounces up to knock down the next opening credit

6. banana is happy, watermelon feels guity, the title “presents” falls down

7. watermelon looks at happy banana, banana randomly spins on the title and creates and new title

8.the title “lovely kitchen” appears. Watermelon is surprised and banana looks proud of itself.

9. watermelon jumps up and knocks the letter “o” down.

10. banana flies to watermelon, uses its peels and grabs watermelon

11. watermelon replaces the letter “o”

12. the end


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