04. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

Weekly update is here. I talked to Ajarn Jason on Wednesday and the modeling part is going well as I have planned. Everything is currently going well according to the plan I have set up for this project. All I have to do is edit the tank design in Maya and get it to run in a loop form. Also I need to create some more enemies. I might add like two more more since too many enemies can trigger some bugs problems in the UDK. The normal enemies will not be as complicated as the boss or the tank because multiple designs with too much detail can cause some lagging problems.


I actually have a mid-term exam on both Monday and Friday, so for next week, according to my schedule, I should be able to start putting my design into the UDK but probably start the stage designing by the week after next week.

So here are the list of things I should work on for the upcoming Friday Meeting:

1. Fixed my character by adding the villain’s logo onto the enemies

2. Making some plans for the stages.




One thought on “04. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

  1. Vit

    Good work so far, but I think you need some more designs of the ships and you need to design the characters! Although the game is primarily from the characters point of view, it would be important to show them at least.

    1. Design some variations on top of your ship designs and include different views ie, front side, bottom and top. Include the character inside. Also, what will the cockpit look like? And will the body work be rusty?

    2. Design the characters. Although they will not be seen through most of the game, it’s important that the viewer can identify with them. What do their fatigues look like? Do they have weapons? What race are they? This will all be important for the intro.

    3. The landscape. What does it look like? Where is it? Is it on earth, or elsewhere? Although you’re working on it in Maya, try and get some reference and designs together for this as it’s important! Also, the characters break into a military complex, so what does that look like? Again, get references and start designing this asap.


    Aj. jason

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