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Children books


Story and color Theme


Clothing style



One thought on “Style Research

  1. Ok Ant

    After our discussion this morning, I just want to reiterate what you need to do.

    1. Storyboard the entire sequence through Photoshop. Start with the establishing shot of the sea. The father arrives to give his gift and then leaves. The little girl continues to make her sand castle and then the waves turn into wolves. She becomes frightened and runs of into the forest. The ‘wolf waves’ wash over the sandcastle until nothing remains (Childhood over)

    2. Create your key scenes for the concept art. Try and keep the ‘Loose’ style you have on the ‘Wolf wave’ scene as I think it’s got ‘something’.
    Within the 4-5 scenes, try to encapsulate the entire story, so you have a general idea of what the story is about.

    a. Wolf Waves
    b. Girl running into the woods
    c.Girl discovering the ‘Phoenix’ bird/Girl escapes out of woods
    d. Consumed by the fire/emerges as a woman out of woods

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