Work for Ajarn Millie

To Ajarn Millie

This is the work that I’m going to present for you as an independent study for 2d animation I which is from Little Pig in the Big City.

According what I have been discussing with Ajarn Jason last week, I and Punch are going to separate our work into 2 categories by divide our work in to 2 parts which are

1. Researchs for Ajarn Millie

2. Storyboards for Ajarn Millie

3. Character Bible for Ajarn Millie

4. Animatic for Ajarn Millie

These are the lists of the work that I’m in charge of for this project.

1. I’m doing the storyboard from scene 1-3 which include about 15 shots.

2. I’m doing the research on clay animation and set design+making.

3. I’m doing the Character Bible.

My goal for this week is to finish the Character Bible and start working on final storyboards.


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