Synopsis of the film

Synopsis & Story

The film that i’m doing the concept art for is entitled “To Return at the Paradise”. It’s about an old man ‘Rashel’ who has a huge desire to go to the place where he believes that there will something mystery or magical that can return his age back to the spot of time he is satisfied with. However, on his way to the paradise, he is challenged by a few natural disasters to proof if he really has got a strong wish to get younger.

My concept art includes 4 main scenes that show Rashel’s road to the paradise

Theme: Fantasy


Since my key scenes will include a human, whose body and face should be based on the real human anatomy, I’ve done some practices to help me understand more of what human figure looks like. However, my character might not be very as realistic as my practices because it’s a fantasy character.

I painted this portrait purposely for practice. I had to encounter the problem when I tried to paint face skin. Since the color on face is the most important for portrait, to make it more realistic, color must be strongly considered and chosen. An ear and eyes are quite difficult because they require special care on their shape, color and reflection. Hair was the last thing that I painted and i found that it was not that hard to get it right. I just painted over 3 layers to get that kind of realistic woman hair. This practice’s given me some guides and a little of confidence to continue with real key scenes.


What I’m trying to do now is to think and sketch of what should be included in each primary scene: my old man character, sea, a bunch of cloud and blue sky, etc…

Because I still have a lot of work of other subjects, posting blog with some updated work progression might be a little bit difficult for me, but from now on, I’ll try to do my best to get all done in time….



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