05. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

To be honest, I’m currently falling behind my schedule after spending too much time revising for the midterm exam. Now that the midterm is over, I believe I can continue to catch up with my schedule so this can be done within the remaining weeks. The files are a bit scattering and it’s one of the reason why I lost some of the works. Now the files are also being organized so it’s time to start working in a better system.

With the files being organized, here are what I have to complete by the next meeting:

1. Character Bible for enemies, bosses, and Tank (Plan, Design, and References)

2. Stage Bible (Plan, Design, and References)

P.S Sounds a lot but most of these are already done for since weekly 02 and 03 posts. It’s just that I haven’t organized my files properly causing my work to appear in different areas of my computer.


One thought on “05. Vit’s Weekly Activity Game Design

  1. Hi Vit

    This is just a reminder of today’s discussion regarding your visuals. So, just to go briefly over them again:

    1. Remember to present your designs clearly, with titles and descriptions. make them look as professional as you can.

    2. Isolate each element of your project and consider it’s design. You will need designs for the following:

    a). The main characters – Costume, weaponry etc
    b). Consider the landscape of each level and what the exteriors/interiors look like.
    c). Each vehicle should be given a name and designed.

    Just remember that you’re designing for an intended video game, so also consider what it will look like on the screen.

    Many Thanks

    Aj. Jason

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