Main Scene1 (Sketch)

This first version sketch is in progress still. There’s something that I would like to fix or change, such as making the picture wider so that there is more space for some relevant objects included. And now I’m testing colors on this sketch, so I will probably post next version of the sketch and the one with color filled in already.

Synopsis & Story

The film that i’m doing the concept art for is entitled “To Return at the Paradise”. It’s about an old man ‘Rashel’ who has a huge desire to go to the place where he believes that there will something mystery or magical that can return his age back to the spot of time he is satisfied with. However, on his way to the paradise, he is challenged by a few natural disasters to proof if he really has got a strong wish to get younger.

My concept art includes 4 main scenes that show Rashel’s road to the paradise

Theme: Fantasy


One thought on “Main Scene1 (Sketch)

  1. Compositionally i think that it could be clearer, may be defining light source and shadow within the scene would help.

    the mirror is too thick.

    nice sketch!

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