Concept Work in Progress

Revised Synopsis

Anard’d left his wife and very young girl for another younger lady because he was a kind of anti-old-age person, until one day he found himself getting older, older and older as the time past. Having a feeling of great disappointment and regret, he decided to head back his home, to his lovely family, where he believed that remorse and love would have helped return his age.


Near the border of South Mongolia, A gentle man named Anard, who’d been living and working as a  happily with his beautiful, young blond-hair lady, Elle, and his cute female baby infant over twenty years, on his wife’s birthday, started feeling bored and disgusted of his forty-five year old wife with just a few wrinkles on face. He then cruelly left his family for a younger Chinese lady in China, and more cute lady, leaving them just a photograph of his family and a little of belongings to strive for surviving. After only fifteen years, his new wife died of unknown infectious disease, leaving him survive like a lonely old man in the dark. He stood in front of pieces of mirrors day by day and started to realize that he was getting pretty much older, not really immortal as he’d been believing for more than forty years. Having a great feeling of disappointment and  regret, he decided to return to family in Mongolia, with hope that they were still alive. However, with an unexpectation, Anard got so sorry and sad when finding out that his wife and lovely girl had died for over five years ago with great hope to see their husband or father for the last time. He for got everything about his goal for coming back home stopped all his passion in body, and grasped an ancient arrow, handed down to his family, and stab it right to his heart with a photograph of his family tightly hugged. Suddenly, as Anard’s body collapsed, his soul split out of the body and got into the photograph. His very young and handsome man slowly appeared in the photo clearer and clearer beside his wife and girl. He’d never get older…no more



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