Poe’s matte painting for P’Pop

So the sky around the tower need to be matte paintings. There is two version, a red sky (fighting scene) and a night blue sky (climatic scene, evil guy is dead). He asked me to make sure that the matte painting can be wrapped in a sphere in maya. In addition that the clouds must be separated into layers that it can be animate-able (parallax effect).

So this is the red sky version (I didn’t want to touch too much on the red moon as I wanna leave it up to the client for his taste)

And this is the night blue sky version (he asked me for a something like a nebula, for fantasy purpose). I’m not sure how it will be animated (for the nebula), he can either use filter in After Effect or just create it in maya.


BONUS CONTENT: How to create a sky matte painting

It’s really up to you whether you want to use real photo to help or not but in my case I wasn’t accessible to any image with a good enough quality or cloud composition that’s even close to the image i had in my mind. So my only resource left is cloud brushes + digitally painted clouds (of the clouds… 1/3 is cloud brush and 2/3 is painted myself)

1. so I made 4 different layer of cloud: foreground, mid ground, far mid ground, background

*NOTE that the white is [opacity: 0%] ,while black is [opacity: 100%]

*NOTE(2) that the left end and right end of the painting must be connectible as it will be side by side when wrapped in a sphere (in maya)

2. the moon on a separate layer ^_^

3. when these layers are stacked together, you should be able to get pretty much the full picture (without color)

4. being able to achieve a complete b/w painting, I can progress to adding ‘overlay’ layers (its a layer that add color in balance with the amount of b/w gradient in the lower layers, in photoshop of coz hahaha)

5. you can always add more than one overlay layer, but too many layers will make it harder to control. With one or a few adjustment layers and its done! ^_^


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