Poe’s story

Return of the Blood Princess
King Caratacos (Celtic for love) was a noble ruler of the Lusitania empire. He has a twin brother with an identical appearance named Prince Succorbenoth (Celtic for Jealousy). The accomplishments of the king overwhelmed the prince with frustration and anger that one day he found a chance to take down the king and replaced himself in his brother armor. He fooled everybody except queen Andraste. Even with her pregnancy, she tried to take revenge when she discovered the corpse of her lover. With the failure she escaped away from the empire and taken shelter with the Walhiska (Celtic for foreign). There she gave birth to the princess, Abnoba, who was later on mastered all the arts of combat with the tribe. The new king Succorbenoth did not left them alone, scouts were sent out waves after waves to locate them. It took years but they were found, the queen was slain while the princess is protecting the tribe. The queen last message leaves the princess on a quest to complete the legendary weapon, Fragarach (also The Sword of Air, The Answerer or The Retaliator, forged by the gods, wielded by Manannan mac Lir and Lugh Lamfada. No armor could stop it, and it would grant its wielder command over the powers of wind.) Princess Abnoba returned to claim back the throne and lived happily ever after.

Good king: King Caratacos (Celtic for love)

Evil king: Prince/King Succorbenoth (Celtic for jealousy)

Queen: Queen Andraste (Celtic for god of river)

Princess: Princess Abnoba (Celtic for hope)

The sheltering tribe: Walhiska (Celtic for foreign)

Legendary staff: Fragarach (Celtic for The Answerer or The Retaliator)


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