Disassociate Identity Disorder

ndividuals diagnosed with DID demonstrate a variety of symptoms with wide fluctuations across time; functioning can vary from severe impairment in daily functioning to normal or high abilities. Symptoms can include:[11]

  • Multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs which are not similar to each other
  • Unexplainable headaches and other body pains
  • Distortion or loss of subjective time
  • Depersonalization
  • Derealization
  • Severe memory loss
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks of abuse/trauma
  • Sudden anger without a justified cause
  • Frequent panic/anxiety attacks
  • Unexplainable phobias
  • Auditory of the personalities inside their mind
  • Paranoia

Patients may experience an extremely broad array of other symptoms that may appear to resemble epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, and eating disorders.



5 thoughts on “Disassociate Identity Disorder

  1. Hi Yui

    This is all good research, but you really need to start ‘honing’ your focus on your designs. even if they’re just pencil sketches. I need to start seeing some serious designs on what you intend to make. Here’s a little extract from the Victoria and Albert museum website:

    “Making a sculpture can involve several stages, from the first idea to the finished work. Sculptors often expressed their initial ideas in drawings or sketch models, and then made more finished drawings and models for their patrons’ approval. To work up large-scale sculptures from smaller models they used the ‘pointing’ method. The final result was then polished and often painted”.

    This gives a glimpse at where you should be going. Because of the time constraints you have now, you’ve got to ‘Dive In’ to your work and start producing!!!!


    A.j Jason

  2. Hi Yui

    Just to let you know, we were scheduled to meet at 11:00am this morning. I’m available after 16:00pm if you can make it then, otherwise I’m available on Thursday from 09:00am to 11.00am. Please make the effort because I HAVE to see your progress.

    Many thanks

    Aj. Jason

    • Hi Jason,

      I posted the work on the blog, and I will give you my sketchbook to you tomorrow. I might be there at 8 or 9, I am really sorry that I can not have a meeting with you tomorrow because I have tonsillectomy at 11. I know it sounds big, but I’ve been having tonsillitis for two months already. but I am willing to place my schedule on your desk, so you can check.

      Thank you very much

    • ๋​๋Hi Jason
      I think from now on until the end of the term, I would like to change the meeting time to Thursday 11.00 or 15.00, as I have class at IC building on Tuesday, and have to go back and forth.
      Thank you very much

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