3rd Chapter of Photoreal (Back to Basic)

After I finished rough model, I started to put in detail on the polygon.

I looked at the references of facial muscle that I found many week ago.

Also, I looked at the note from previous trimester.

Then I compared the polygon and facial muscle, so I know how good is the polygon mesh. The reason is that I need to make it ready for an animation.

It is because I aimed to make this for “Film” so I have to be careful about “Flow of the Mesh”

Furthermore, I also studied the differences of facial feature on each age.

I have to make the model ready to import into zbrush.


One thought on “3rd Chapter of Photoreal (Back to Basic)

  1. Hi Pom

    Good research, but I think you need to condense down what your objectives are between now and the end of week 10.

    As far as I can see, you have started to construct a copy of Yam’s head.

    1. Modelling – 90% complete. Vertex adjustment still required. (1 Day)

    2.After completion of the vertex you intend to import model into Z Brush to sculpt the model further and add texture to the skin. (3-4 Days)

    3.Then you will import the model back into Maya to add skin tone, adjust the lighting and then render it. (3-4 days)

    After all of this, I understand that you will attempt to animate some facial expressions or perhaps produce some still images of facial expressions.

    Also, remember, you’ll have to produce an essay on what you have done containing an analysis of your project.

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