bo’s updated storyboard

After watching 2stickmen and the lambs that aj.mille showed me, I have the new idea of how the story could go but it still sticks to the kitchen concept.

here’s my storyboard and explainations

1. banana wakes up by an alarm in a bowl

2.strawberry wakes up  by an alarm in a glass

3.watermelon wakes up by an alarm in a hanger

4. corns half wakes up by an alarm in a basket

5. banana jumps out from the bowl, ready to excercise

6. strawberry jumps down from the glass, ready to excercise

7. watermelon falls down from the hanger and hurts itself

8. corn goes back to sleep

9. strawberry turns itself and sees that corn goes back to sleep

10. banana turns around and sees the sleeping corn

11. watermelon has a ban-aid on its head

12. sleeping corn

13.banana blows the whistle

14. corns wakes up by the whistle (shocked)

15. radio falls down from above and plays a music

16. banana moves left and right

17. strawberry moves left and right

18. watermelon spins itself left and right

19. corn half awakes and moves itself left and right

20. banana spins right to left

21. strawberry jumps up and down

22. watermelon bounces left to right

23. radio plays the music

24. corn slips and almost falls down

25. watermelon is shocked

26.strawberry is shocked

27.banana is shocked

28. corn falls to a sink

29. some letters appear

30. each fruit fulfill the missing letters

31. strawberry jumps to the side of the credit



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