Sketches: Key scenes

[do PLEASE zoom in for better quality ^_^]

This week I managed to get 3 scenes out on paper.

#1 The first one is the scene where the queen Andraste escape the castle with her horse, while the evil king, Succorbenoth ordered his dragons out to hunt her. Here the castle is starting to fall apart, the field that was once green is now all dry up (brown).

In this version I did a color change to show the color of the field back when the good king, Caratacos once ruled.

#2 A closer up shot where the evil king ordered his dragons, pointing below where the queen is at below.

#3 This one I decided that I should give a night scene a shot since it would be more dramatic escaping at night rather than evening. Here the queen tried to ditch the guards but slicing one of their head off hehe.

comments would be very appreciated n TY! ^_^


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