my development “cubic brain”

I have developed the idea of cubic brain from the fact that each cube separated, it can symbolize different characteristics, it will be placing on top of each other not in order and unbalance, and swing like emotions. The material I’m using is arylic. I will make one or two pattern of cubic brain and molding them one by one for about 12 to 24. It will be slightly pinkish reddish tone of blood. I’m decising whether it should be placing in a glass box cover with vaseline, so we can feel the texture without touching it, or placing it in an anatomy model. It will be easier to placing in an anatomy model due to the way it display. But in order to really feeling it, the glass box should work better in term of touching and sighting.


The first time I draw with crayon

The brain rough idea

This is when I came up with the idea of unbalance, like falling jenka, the left one is the nest brain, in which I am not going to do.

this is my melting brain

Then I started to develop the cubic brain.






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