Preaw’ story concept development and Concept art

Below is the development of ideas and stories (summarize to 4 pages)

There are 4 main stories from 4 general concepts that i has been thinking

one of them is about a world that human become an animal while animal become men. All animal can communicate freely with another kinds, and they obviously hate human. this story is a concept of irony about how human think they are the best creature in the world. In the story, all of the human are slaves, who didn’t have any right to speak their mind.     A protagonist of this story is a man, who would be called “The Dreamer”. It’s a concept which i create for type of a person who has no ability to communicate well, no special skill in any subjects. The only thing that this type of person could do is to think or to create new ideas (innovation without reality) (Which maybe is unrealistic for normal people).

Second story is about playing with parallax effect. One set of sequence or question, in one human mind, how would they reacts to the that same story. This story is more like playing with human concept of reality by playing with an audience what is suppose to be. What is real and what would you choose

The story starts out with a man who is just like normal people, but one condition has been added to him. In 12 hours from the morning, he spend his day as a normal person. He may meet something unpleasant or something he has to choose, and whatever the solution is, it’s ok. 12 hours later, he has another set of day when he is sleeping (or dreaming). He then spend another set of day, maybe fantasy stuff or maybe it is more realistic than the actual day, yet it may com back to the event that happen in the normal day which he has to choose or act according to his mind.

The third concept of story is about memories. how memories can be scratches in several ways. The story is about a protagonist who has a mental disorder since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. His memories has been stop receiving or recording anything.

From that, he has to feel pain everyday from his past memories (which it’s more like a fresh memories). Then, one day he met a girl, who try to understand and change his life. She teach him to write a diary in order to fight the time that stop in his mind. From that, some conflict happened, and nearly last part of the story, the main character lose his diary. All of the paper scratches around the town as a metaphor of a happy memories that human try to keep it safely, but still we need to know that feeling that extract from emotion never last for eternity. Lastly, in the climax scene, the girl travel around the town to get all pieces of paper back to him as she try to find and give happiness back to him, yet the happiness that the girl try to give him would never reach him if he won’t open his heart or fight the pain by himself.

The last concept is about fantasy of war and love. This story is involves a futuristic + ancient machine as a medium. The protagonist of the story is a resistance from one world, arm with ancient mobile armor. There are several people who use this technology because there is a risk into it. Those people who use these machine must posses no emotion in order to control it. With that, the war between resistance and the seeker of doom is create in the story.

The conflict between this story is that the protagonist of the story fell in love with the founder of “the seeker of doom”. Then the choice between love and the world has to be made

For the last two page up ahead is a key scene and environment concept of fantasy war and love and some concepts i have been research and draw.


These two reference is an ideal of texture and shade of the building and town in the story. They are more like old fashion building with an old rock material for most of the dungeon where the protagonist has to adventure to gain his power

   While mood and tone for the overall story is dark blue and blurry since the story has a depth in inner feeling and desire of characters

Now, here is the  reference concept of the key scene where the protagonist first wake up in a middle of war. When the character wake up, the scene need to has a layout of modern technology (pictures on the right side), while the feeling and texture or even a tools would be an old fashion or present-day metaphor (Picture on the left side)

   Then, the scene was sketch out as if it is a world after war, using a wood as metaphor of life and death. the bird as a freedom that come as a result of war. The environment has a mist a fire cover around like the scene talk place near a factory.

 Next, the key scene when the protagonist met his partner, the ancestor machine, for the first time. The texture on the wall and the door is similar to the right side picture while the top left picture is a ideal of machine inside the door. And the lower left picture show the overall environment and layout of the dungeon.

 And here is the result of the combination of the references. I change the perspective in order to make the subject inside the door look more mysterious and powerful compare to the protagonist

The third key scene is outside the world where the fight between the protagonist and enemy take place. Fragments are floating around the same way as the left pictures while the light on the right picture indicate the strength of war

 Lastly, the sketch from a combination of those reference create this layout out. The fragment which are a destroy pieces of machine will create depth for the pictures while light will shine from up above or under the planet.


Before I finish my reports for this week, I also has some rough model of these 3 shots in Maya.

Thank you


One thought on “Preaw’ story concept development and Concept art

  1. Ok Preaw, in order to assess your work apart from what you’re producing for Aj. Millie, I need to assess the development of your story in VISUAL form.

    1. Visual Development – Ideas, sketches. It would have been good to see your thinking process’ regarding the terrain, the buildings, the characters. If you have time, could you at least explore that a little.

    2. Then, start doing a layout of your intended concept art. Because of time restrictions, be mindful of how much you can get done in the time you have left. If you are able to do some visual development, then this will be taking time away from your actual finished pieces – just bare it in mind!

    So in summation:
    Create development sketches
    Create Interiors/Exteriors
    Create characters
    Create vehicles
    Create the ‘Machine’

    3. Try and do all of this in Photoshop as it will be easier to post on your blog.


    Aj. Jason

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