Something I haven’t name it


I got the inspiration from some weird underwater creature, so I would like to distort the shape of the organ. The heart and the mouths, refer to the point when people talk to you badly, good, gentle and aggressive, it reflects differently. As well as the DID, it’s like having 12 mouth in one person, in which results in different personalities for each one. The heart refer to their feelings, as well as the texture, that I would like to have the reflected mosaic cut in hexagon shape, like the eyes of bug. because it will reflect the face of people when you look at it. for example, the foul mouth people said something bad and people don’t like, but we still unable to fix them or fade away from them completely. it’s like we are a flies around the foul mouth, or the pieces are flies looking at us.


random drawing

another random oneHeartThe first patternThe second, and the one I decided to doCompound eyes texture

compound eyes


compound eye drawing (mosaic)


Heart drawing


first pattern


second pattern, the real one I want to do


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