here are some of my storyboard to start my story with.

My next job is to do character development.

Here is my characters but not yet develop.

To develop my characters further,,,,

Look up

Attitude magazine

What i need to do is…..

Think of the characters deeply by observing…

+ He needs to live in this pink world he fits, yet at the same time he needs to give a big transformation.
+ What makes people hide or repress their desire
+ You need to let that character have a clue before he presses the botton to enter the pink world
+ with the other than the characters and the pink room, USE LIMITED PALLET COLORS(it can be colorful but +ADD GRAY to it) to make the pink world exaggerated(emphasize on the pink world only).
+ Look at whats he is actually escaping from
+ need more images of hint that tells him what he is running away from reality
+ I need to give him something that relates to the room he lives in
+ Make it more emotional by putting up family picture on the wall- hide from the family for who he is(clue).
+ Family expectation on surface that enforce- he is trying to be a good man of the family but he cant help he was born GAY.

Next>> hand in to Miss Millie

-Character development

-Color mood, theme of the story,(including building and setting)


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