Library #09

In case that, I don’t meet you in time (I saw that you’re available only on 11.30 – 12.00, 12.30 – 01.00

This is a coat of arm. I got an inspiration from the mirror I found on google.
(I will not upload the picture since it was very small.)
I redesign the coat of arm and combine each things to represent myself
and the library concept.

Around the circle shield is Acanthus Leaves,
It appears in most carves, and it represent Admiration of Art.
Next is the stars around the shield.
Star originally symbolize goodness and excellence,
but in horoscope, it means glory and future.
(I myself really love horoscope and have studied hard about it)
Thus, it symbolize the idea of people and fortune,
12 stars represent 12 zodiac and a year of people life.

Question in the future can be answer from today,
This mean our future base on about today behavior.

It also relate to the book people choose to read.
What they like to read, force them to become different kind of person
or those who choose not to read, become a man who have no knowledge.

Next is Fleur de lis,
Fleur de lis is actually a symbol of my high school,
(Convent school) It represents lily which mean pureness.

Crown on the top mean respect to the king
and 2 sword across behind mean protecting by justice.

PS. I can’t decide what I want to put the middle part yet,
and still, I want to make it 3D rather than a painting on the flag because
it looks more suitable to the library I make. However, I’m not sure
if I could finish it in time.

More will be post soon … (I have to go to the university now)


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