The new idea

it seems like I can not find the way to find the corelation between the sculpture I’m plasnning to make. So I am going draw half of it instead, in which I have started and designed already, but I haven’t posted it becasue i dont have a scanner. So I’m on theprocess of making it right now. so the concept aqnd the theme remain the same, I have scope to the point that the painting will be divided into pieces, and the sculpture will be divided. But I will show you the plan when I meet you


One thought on “The new idea

  1. Hi Yui

    Because of time restrictions, perhaps the best plan of action would be to just produce clean, finished designs of your intended sculptures, including measurements. I don’t know if you’re able to use Photoshop, but perhaps you then take your design and place it in a photograph of a real space to give it more feeling. Perhaps you could enlist Bank to composite it for you if you’re not too confident using the program.

    I’ll be around tomorrow if you want to pop in and see me.

    Aj. Jason

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