Reminder of deadline for Millie’s advisees.

Bo, Bird, Kratae, Orm, Kate, Kumi, Preaw, Punch and Preaw

All final work and final statement MUST be posted on the blog by 12pm (that’s lunchtime) Friday 15th July. Any additional work (digital or analogue or sketchbooks) should be submitted to me in the office by the same time.

You each must arrange to see me before this date.

You all must write up a summary of your reserch work. Go back to your original statement and track the progress. You must summarise what you have discovered/developed/created and learned over the last 11 weeks.
You may present this as a powerpoint/ pdf/ .mov
It may be an illustrated essay (with academic references) or annotated sketchbook (labelling the developments), a character bible (see Ren+Stimpy bible for format) , a documentary (like the selected topics work), a slide show – whatever is appropriate to your individual work.

Evidence must be available in the final statement component to show where and how youl has achieved your objectives.

You are being assesses on:
1. Creative ideas identified and explored thoroughly
2. Context and intent are identified and conveyed clearly
3. Appropriate research and development related to genre/medium/techniques and target audience are identified and explored
4. Appropriate balance of quality and quantity of work presented for the pre-production processes related to the specific genre/media chosen
5. Personal technical skills identified for project in order to achieve goals
6. Appropriate resources are identified and allocated/ assigned (equipment/budget/personnel/materials/location/technical skills)
7. Development of an appropriate production plan and schedule identifying time/personnel/resources to achieve goals for Independent Project
8. A written statement that discusses and reflects on working progress and practice and assesses the initial proposal and actual outcomes

Assessment objectives you should have aimed to demonstrate:

• The ability to initiate ideas appropriate to their Media specialism
• To identify an appropriate genre and context for their idea
• To conduct research that supports and develops their idea
• The ability to identify resource requirements to fulfill their idea
• The technical skills needed to fulfill their idea
• A willingness and ability to produce work to the quality the idea requires
• Each evaluation factor has a set of assessment objectives which are designed to meet
specific learning outcomes. Candidates must demonstrate skills for all assessed objectives.
• A recognition of and reflection on working progress and practice that assesses the initial proposal and actual outcomes


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