Combine Final Report (Praew,Punch)

My goal for this project is to learn more about stop motion animation, the making of model and also try to make a setting for stop motion animation. Due to the limited of time, I couldn’t complete the finish piece for the stop animation part. However, I decided to do the final work as a taken photograph of the scenario  for the story. The process of working on this project is quiet hard for me because this is just the second time that I experience on stop animation and the making of it. I think and hope that I could do a better job for this project if I had more time.

The work that I have been complete are include story and synopsis, character bible, half of the storyboard, the model making and final photograph and others are punch’s work. Even though the process of the project is very hard, I think that I’m satisfy with the work and I had learn a lot from doing this project. Also, this project is helping me a lot for doing the final project for next year because the step of doing the work is quiet similar to what I need to do for my final work. This course make me concern more about the process of working for the professional field, it teach me that it is very important to have a plan for my work and also have responsibility.

Thank you ajarn Millie and Ajarn Jason for all your advice and support.

Sincerely yours


Test Animation


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