Combine Final Report (Punch,Praew)

I am very interesting in clay and model stop motion and this is the second time I did clay stop motion. It is pretty harder than I expected because of the lack of time and equipment, so in the end I did a photograph story using clay and model without the stop motion. I have learnt a lot from this course, I’ve learnt how to manage time on my own without teacher assigning work and I learn how to present work to supervisors. I never study independently before so it is different for me at first, I did not have enough time to prepare work by the early weeks, but after the fourth week I got my work in order and it become easier when I met with teachers and got advices from them. Finally, this is the best I can do by the end of this trimester. I did not do the actual stop motion so I make the models and set bigger than I plan, so I hope you like it.

Thank you ajarn Millie and ajarn Jason

The work that I have done with Praew this trimester include planing and researching for character models and

setting, synopsis and plot of the story, test animation, character bible, setting bible, character models and setting and the

photograph story.

Test Animaiton


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