final product+all of my work


Although I’m a TV student, I am really interested in Animation. As I have seen in many commercials, in almost every type, they use animation with real footage. To me, it’s exciting to combine fantasy world with real world. Therefore, I’m also thinking about animating my own version of 2D animation with real footage.

week one:    ( i added this class on week three)

First, I started of thinking about a theme. I went on researching in youtube, links that I accidently found, my friends’ work.

week 2:

practice drawing out characters (fruits and vegetables) on A4 paper based on my research.

I drew out bananas (peeled and unpeeled),  carrots with different expressions, onions, watermelons, strawberries, broccoli based on my researches.

week 3 :

I got a bamboo palette and 2 programs > photoshop and after affect. My friends (Aow and Sun) taught my about using photoshop. I didn’t know before that we can animate characters and animations in photoshop. So this was new to me. I learned about the timing and squeeze and squash (for a boucing ball)

Also this week my whole idea changed after I talked to AJ Millie about doing cooking show(real footage) and adding animation in it. She suggested that I should do only the opening credit because of the time and I agreed because I’m new to animation.

week 4 :

I drew out storyboards


































































week 5:

I talked to AJ millie about the target audience, and it should be a cooking show for kids, so my set has to be in pastel tone and child-like set

This is the week where I begin to animate in photoshop. Before I animate I had to decorate on my set first (real footage)

I was stuck on the drawing. I was thinking of drawing it as a 3D character but AJ millie said keep it simple. And “Animation is forgiving”


























































































week 6+7

I carry on animating my character on photoshop

Some scenes are done

week 8 : (final week)

i finished all the incomplete scenes and for music, I composed by myself using garageband



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