My independent work report

“The research”

When the free topics came to my mind, I thought I am going to do something totally outraged, big, massive and something I have never done in four years, this is the great opportunity for me. I was major in science back when I was i high school, and the fact that I’m interesting in human anatomy id drew me into the world of organs. I think it’s a good theme, because it’s something really close in term of relation to feelings. we all have feelings, as well as we have organs. But the hardest part is that which one came first? Organs generates  feeling or feelings great the reflex of organs. Personally I believe in organs generate feeling. Not hands, or feet, but something beneath your epidermis; brain, heart, stomach and eyes. we capable to feel the reactions in the organs down to the core of the body. We feels like a lava in the stomach, or even butterfly. Therefore we know we are having feeling for someone, or when we eventually feel excited, we might wanted to vomited. These are a good proves that the organs do stimulate feelings. My first inspiration for this project is Damien Hirst’s work, death animal cut in half that I saw back in Tate Modern London. i found it stunning, as he combines both scientific aspects and artistic together so well that I’m surprised by the fact it could be viewed as an ethical issue in some cases.

I have look up to the greek philosopher article, about the balance of feelings that due to the chemicals and fluids inside our body. It is interesting because I have cam arose this issue when I study acting back in 2nd years. In fact, the ancient greek actors tried to generate their feelings from the balance of the fluids in their body. In which, bad to the body, and that’s what the greek doctors claim. Because the  fluids in our body unbalance, the fluids included, the arteries, the vein and two of the lymph. as if it was so hard to generate the feelings by trying to create the unbalance fluids in order to produce joy, or sadness.

Of course Damien Hirst work has inspired me and other people,  but it doesn’t give me the exact idea. But one thing that I have in mind, that related to Damien Hirst, is the fact that I’m going to make a cage out of the fiberglass, that can carried butterflies in it. It’s very straightforward, and very direct.  Because I find it very fascinating to see some art work that has a total direct meaning toward people. ‘Butterfly in my stomach’ is very well-known metaphor that symbolized when people fell in love. I have an image of a transparent faded pink fiberglass in a plain stomach shape. As I have researched through the internet, I found that many people, and artist groups protest the idea of putting live animals in the exhibition. Moreover, the idea of putting butterflies to the stomach container, requires many factors in order for them to survive. it requires water, plants , the right temperature and environment. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t survived. I tended to folded this idea as it’s so ethical.

On the other hand, I move on to research more about the feeling that could convey with organ, like in the other way round, then tried to convert to objects or environment, which gives me some idea of color.  such as the color of lava, like a burning gratin, with mixture of all warm color, which give me an idea to use to mix color and give a dye effect, especially on the acrylic. The colors that I fell appropriate with those effect are either cool color like blue green turquoise, because I feel the calm and peace in it. Another tone will be warm tone like yellow red pink dye, and the speak for itself in term of warmth, love and safe.

When mentioning about colors, I tend to pay attention to the 70’s style colors, Psychedelic type of colors. I believe that psychedelic colors expresses feelings so much even though it derived from the illusion effected by drug used. I still think it’s the best way to express the feelings. Way before that, I was thinking about pastel, which is a good choice, but it couldn’t cover all the aspects of feeling I’m trying to convey.

Recently, I watched the film ‘Performance’, which is a film dated back in 1970’s, I found that the second half of the film inspired me toward psychedelic feeling. The bohemian that lives in the apartment, grows their own food and magic mushroom. I started to think of something about nature, which motivated me even more toward the concept of using organs as a theme. I also thinking about bugs right after that due to the colorful shells.

The bugs inspiration comes from the transformation of bugs during the life cycle, according to the transformation form, I tried to sketch the transformation of heart into other different shape. The factor that affecting the transformation of the heart can be the media or words or pictures or ages or time, the factors that change out hearts derived foam one form to others, and I think it’s a good factor due to the actual human mind that changes through time and another factor. I designed the transformation of heart and mouth together, because the clearest thing we can notice in term of transformation is that we talks differently, and it shows through, from perfect heart to the one that combine with half mouth to full mouth. The material that I’m using is from the perfect paper, to the old wine dyed  and coffee dyed to make it look old to the paper from magazine and newspaper.

For character purpose and props,   I will use this as a props that the main character draws some random things differently through time along with poem on each piece, then stick on the wall or windows, until a very little light can come through to represent the darkness that comes little by little on his mind, and before he knew it, it covers up his mind already.

This relates to the second piece I made, it’s the painting of eyes, derived from the broken mirror, without he height of one meters, and it should places as the painting that later on creates the paranoid to the main character, which is probably by the fact that he isn’t sure if he’s looking at the painting, or the painting looks at himself. he is not even assure of himself, it’s more of a negative tools to actually confused him up even more as he looks at it. In reality, I would leave the painting without the frame, but if I have to put it in the set, I would have it with the antique frame. The painting will be split as well as his personalities.

Another work I would like to do if I have more time, I would like to make a sculpture that looks like a cubic brain, it should have been made as a table, like a transparent table, with objects in it. The shape I have distorted from the idea of the bugs as well. it distorted and split into cube just an ice with certain shape of brain. The inside of the cube should be the objects that related to the inner of the character. In this case, it’s like putting kleenex in the brain cube, refers to the fact that we all human have the way to absorb feelings, sadness and join, or putting box of condoms into the cute to refers to natural human lust. Putting the old alarm clock means having a control or rulers in our life. But due to the time restriction, I will not be able to finish it.

As well as the straight butterflies in the stomach, it’s straight and easy to understand. But I have the problem of time restriction due to the other work I have to do. A plain transparent fiberglass, molded into stomach shape, and putting live butterflies in it. But it would act as a prop in that case. However in the gallery I shall replace it with various color of light, it will act life a lamp, but different colors will refers to the moods. Once again it splits, as the stomach actually acts quickly in terms of feelings.

In conclusion  I have research through the field that I have focused through, even thought I don’t have time. but I think my work pieces should be work as props and as well as art works. I think I have go deep down to the point that I am able to produce works, but it would be better if I can manage time wisely. But if I time in the summer break and I will be able to concluded the two I produced already, and the other two I haven’t finished, that would be great.


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