Gib’s progress#1: First piece of J’s project- food land and Gib’s proposal

In Independent study class, I decide to work with J and Art; their senior  project. I would paint background for their short animated film. The purpose of taking this class is that I would improve my skill and learning in working with others; adapt my work/my style used in other work. If I finished their work before the schedule that I plan, in the week left, I would practice painting sky.

This week I work on J’project first. J’s senior project is about a little robot’s journey. This is sypnosis.

A little robot found himself wake up in some random world without knowing who he is. So he needs to find his reason for living, where is he, what does he needs to do? So Robota decided to go to the tower that has the same mark with the mark on his body. This world seems to be opened for anyone from different species, different forms and different dimensions. Down there, there are so many wired creatures interacts which each other, everyone is enjoying their time. The sound of joy and happiness were heard everywhere. Robota met many creatures and adventurous event such as running away from the moody hamburgerbuff. Robota ended up standing in front of a tower, which is standing out from all of the buildings. Robota flies to the top of the tower and met a boy, the creator of this world. Everything the boy draws becomes alive.    On the boy’s table, Robota met another robotic creatures, and realized that they are the creatures drawn by the boy and Robota himself is the latest robot he drew (No.6) Everything seems to be brake apart when Robota realized that his battery is ran out, suddenly his system shuts down and Robota was turned off for a very long time. After a long time, Robota woke up again, but the world he used to see is now become the new world. The weird buildings now turned into the rectangle tall buildings and the creatures in this world turned into paper men. This is because the boy already grows into an adult and he doesn’t grow his imagination anymore, so this imagination is now collapsed, No buildings or Robota can escape this changes. Lastly, all of them turned into the world of reality, the repetitive World. Back to the man’s room, there is a sound of drawing on a paper from a little boy. Next to the scarp paper on the floor, another creature was born.

This is the first painting that he hires me to do. The scene is the scene that the main character would travel pass this city. He would comes from left hand side of the frame and walk side to the right hand side of the frame. J wants to show the scene of “food town” that is the weird world. He requires a lot of things in this painting.

1. It should be painted separately in different layer and can get ready for animate in Adobe after Effect.

2. Color and tone would be orangy but not too bright and saturated so that this scene would fit in his world.

3. Everything would be looks simple and cute.

4. Overall look can be describes as “Food Town”

5. There are some listed objects that he thought that there may in this shot. For example, there are bread tower, broccoli house,tomato house,mushroom house, cheese house,ice-cream building. Examples for props are that lollipop tree, barbecue tree ,ice-cream tree, and sushi car.

6. For the style, he has sent me some of painting; it is also in the link (references).

J lets me decide in what style I am going to use and if there is any problems, he will discuss to me in the second time. Therefore, I begins to sketch as send to him every single time I do something to make sure that I am still on his way.

This scene shows the food land and every thing that can be eaten would be live together in this town; this town is made of food.

These are references.

link for download:

J requires that tone of the scene should be orangy but it should not too bright. Therefore, color can be blended to another scene; the same world

Everything in this scene needs to be painted separately into layers and ready to composite in Adobe After Effects.

First, I start painting separately into layers in silhouette.


This is the breakdown version.

seperate_cloud seperate_mountain seperate_foreground

During I paint details, I have talked to J and send him the updated version until it is finished.

This is the final version.


This is the breakdown version.




*note1: each mountain is in its own layer and also stuffs on each mountain is painted on separated layers. For example, on vegetable mountain, carrot, tomato,broccoli, corn, and sweet pepper are painted separately.

*note2: The plain brown path in the middle would be done in Autodesk Maya.


One thought on “Gib’s progress#1: First piece of J’s project- food land and Gib’s proposal

  1. Dear Gib
    Can you add into this blog the original brief that J gave you outlining what he required from you and any inspirations suggested. You have said he wanted orangy. but give more info – style, what did he give you to work on? what is the project, what scene will the bg be used for. How is it used (in a 3D composite piece/ 2D background for charcaters) (PS nice work!)

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