teen’s proposal


Maquette is the topic that I am interested to learn for my independent study. In this course, I am going to research different kinds of materials, tools, and techniques used to produce maquette, and my aims for this course is to be familiar with the materials/ tools, and be able to produce several completed maquettes at the end of this course.

What is maquette?

A maquette is a model of a character or objects which often made from clay or molded plaster. Animation maquette is created based on character sheets during the production process of the animation films to provide 3D images of the animation subjects. Some maquette makers often paint their maquettes in appropriate colors, while others leave the maquettes the color of the modeling materials such as grey or white.

Advantages of maquette?

– Provide great reference points of specific angles when drawing the characters.

– More accurate in proportions when drawing from different views.

– Help to develop the character looks.

– Provide 3D reference for the animators to depict the volumes of the characters.

According to my research, I think it is a better idea to start with the existed models than creating the new one. By this I mean, I will look at the actual models or figures and try to reproduce that model as a practice to make me feel familiar with the materials and tools before starting my own maquette. Moreover, I will leave my maquette in the color of its modeling material because I personally think it is more unique, original, artistic than painting the colors on the maquettes.


One thought on “teen’s proposal

  1. Dear Teen
    As a suggestion you should consider using a model that you yourself have already created or possibly one that one of your peers has created and develop this. You should be drawing and sketching the character in a variety of gestures and then choose the gesture/pose(s) that will give you a challenge!
    Here’s some other helpful links:

    Please come and see me in the next week to show progress.


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