Jane’s proposal for Independent studies.

From the first place, I’m interested in 3D animation in term of modeling, rigging, and animating a character. But I don’t want to spend time on texturing in this project. So, the solution is that I decide to rig the model I already have from the previous class, which is Captain Amelia, and to animate her in a short scene maybe maximum 10-second long.

Here’s the video of Captain Amelia, modeled and textured by me

I’m considering using a scene from the 2D animation ‘Treasure Planet’ where Captain Amelia stars in or another scene I might come up with. With this model, I do not have to texture because I’ve already done that and I can focus on rigging and animating her, which I want to include this project in my portfolio for 3D rigging and animating.

This is the scene I mention. This one will be a challenging scene to do!

PS. My only concern for now in this project is her long coat. I will definitely not be able to use nCloth because of my low-performance note book. So I will need to figure out how I will rig the long-tailed coat for her.


One thought on “Jane’s proposal for Independent studies.

  1. Dear Jane.
    the idea of using a ‘ready made’ model is a good idea. The scene you are looking at has too many other characters and too extreme movement and as you suggest your notebook may struggle. Rigging and animating are difficult enough challenges. I would look to find a sequence of 5 – max 10 secs which allows you to look at body movement and gesture. The section from 0.09 – 0.59 has some possibilities. Also you could look at close up facial expression and do detailed rigging of face for a section. YOu dont have to replicate the action in the animation just use the sound like in the 11 second club.

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