Best’s Proposal

I has been study some 3D animation classes since 2nd year, I found that I’m pretty interesting in 3D animation. I have learned the process of making 3D animation such as modeling the scene and character, doing UVs, rigging , how to set up the light and anitmated the character in class, though I barely know what I’m really capable in 3D animation. I wants to take this oppertunity to explore what is my strong point and what’s my weak point, getting to know myself better will help me decide the goal in animation industry.
As you know, 3D animation have a lot of process, so my first plan will be making a still image from Maya which include modeling, texturing and setting the light. I still decide the theme that I’ll be doing. Here are some examples of still image that renders from 3D software. These images are made by professional animators, so I do not hope to make my project as beautiful as examples, but I’ll use these pictures as my study guide to improve my skill.

Little Boy by Pedro Conti                                  3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

LadyBug 3ds max, After Effects, mental ray, Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush May 2010

Just friends Modo by Marcos de Moraes Sampio,             Photoshop May 2012



2 thoughts on “Best’s Proposal

  1. Dear Best
    You need to create a production plan to identify the tasks and the order you can work them through. So to develop the models you will need to show sketches and ideas that you have drawn and the inspiration/ rationale for what the character might be. (a brief character synopsis).Then creating the wire frame, texturing etc. Also the design for the setting etc. Plan towards making 3-5 concept pieces (this may change as you progress).
    Write this up as a clear proposal plan. then post it and come and see me with the developments in the next week.

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