Jen’s Proposal : Marsh! March!

I’ve decided to change my topic for the first half of this trimester to making a series about Marshmallow Family, which I want to make it as a short gag animation. For this week 3 I’ve done some of the pre-production which is gathering ideas of the gags and doing some research about the look of the animation and also marshmallow itself. The character and the story will be very simple as I use references from ‘The Salads’ and ‘Adventure Time’.

Personally, I like simple and chubby characters and I’d like to make one. And because I cannot really stick to one story for long time, short gags animation is what I want to try so that I know if I don’t like 3D or I just don’t like making long story.

For my work plan I’ve planned to do this project in 6 weeks and then I’ll move one to lip sync practice with 11 second club.


The Story will be about these 5 marshmallows with different personalities. The 5 are ; Marshy, Tally, Gia, and Tooth and Teeth the twin.

Marshy will be the most mature one who is like average main character, have leadership, think carefully, brave and etc.

Tally is the clever one who can be called as a coward geek. He knows more about theory than practically. But of course, sometimes what wrote in the book might not be correct.

Gia is the Giant Marshmallow who looks like there’s nothing in his head. He is different from other Marshmallow because he’s covered with chocolate. People judge him as a mean guy, scary and be the bully. The other side that no one think about is that he’s very kind and helpful.

Tooth and Teeth the Twin, has never be separated. Tooth always sit on her twin brother’s head and let him walk while she’s complaining. Tooth is very bossy and is an outdoor one while Teeth seems to get controlled by her. He is childish and very innocent, he believes everything he heard.


Here’s my work plan for this project.

Marsh! March! Project 

Week 3 [6 – 10 May] : Marsh! March! pre-production 01 : story ideas / Characters Modeling, Blend shapes, Rigging.

Week 4 [13 – 17 May] : Rigging (Cont.) / Blocking First episode & animating.

Week 5 [20 – 24 May] : Blocking / Animating

Week 6 [27 – 31 May] : Animating

Week 7 [3 – 8 June] : Rendering and compositing

So far, I’m very enjoy doing pre-production of this project and can’t wait to try to make a series about this.

What I’ve done so far are character designs, modeling characters, adding detail to the characters, blend shapes, and some gags which is briefly planned and will finalize by wednesday (15th May).

Here are some of the photos of what I have done.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.01.42 PM

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 1.35.43 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 1.48.14 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 2.48.18 AM

***see more pictures of working process here > ***

For the look of the short animation Marsh! March! Due to limited time and my focusing area is animating, I’ve decided to make the background very simple which means there will be no scene but only simple shape of set on white background.

I use the reference of ‘the minions’ in Despicable me.

***see more references here > ***


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