Aoei’s Proposal

At first I was pretty sure what I was going to do for this project, I wanted to focus on stop motion animation but then after the first meeting everything kind of became blurry and confusing. I came back and thought long and hard about what I would like to do for this course. I just came to a solution a while ago about what I am going to do….

Last term I came across an image of a 3D character : (I call her the girl in the red hat)


This character was created by a duo CG artist who go by TYanim, one is an Illustratrice/CG artist and the other is a 3D animator… this is their website >

I fell in love with this character immediately, I don’t know why but she seems so alive and mesmerizing to me. I remember that one of the first thoughts when I saw this was that I want to create something like this. I searched their website and I realised that this style of 3D character is the style I really like because I think it sits in between 2D and 3D. The texture is not too realistic and the character design is also a bit exaggerated.


I’ve decided that I want to try creating a character based on TYanim’s style and with a mixture of my own as well.

I want to know how to set and create specific lightings and textures to achieve this type of 3D character. The lighting is realistic yet cartoony. Furthermore, the poses and facial expression of the characters, to me, look so alive and natural.

I will be modeling, texturing and rigging a new character based on this style. I am not aiming to animate the character so the rigging will not be as detailed as it would it it was to be animated … only rigging that is necessary for specific poses would be done. If I have enough time I want to put the character in an environment as well (like the picture above).

These are some of TYanim’s work that inspired me :  ImageImage










+++ In addition to all of this I would also like to try the 11 second club because I want to try animating with dialogue… we’ve never done that in 3D before. We did it in 2D II but I still don’t fully understand how to time out the animation with the dialogue. I think it might not be too heavy because I don’t have to model or rig a new character since they already have character templates and rigs for us. 

This would be the end of my proposal… thank you 🙂


One thought on “Aoei’s Proposal

  1. Hi Aoie
    You may find you have to limit the idea and maybe not do the 11 second club as well! Instead of just posting a whole ton of other peoples work just post a few and maybe do some sketches and ideas based on the rest or on your own input on the idea. And perhaps you need to address the appael factor of this work.Really analyse what it is about these characters that is appealing to you? Body dimensions, facial features, character situations etc. What do these say about women? How does this compare to say Barbie doll? Why are they so well endowed in the boobs? Is that a real desire for girls or media enhanced from a male perspective-big boobs are not practical for an active action girl? Obviously you are in the target audience. What ideology/aspirations are they appealing to? And what ‘new’ ideas can you bring to this? Relate to your likes/experience/ customs/ culture/aspirations?
    I want to see your drawings, designs ideas….

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