teen’s progress #1 – Finding materials

I have been looking for different kinds of materials to compare which one is the most suitable kind for me. In this page, I am going to describe each type of materials that I found, where to buy, and the characteristics.


The first one is an air-dried modeling clay.




– Non-toxic clay

– Light and soft

– Bouncy

– Air-dried

– Easy to form shapes

– Easy to fix without glue

– Mixable colors


After I tried this kind of clay, I found that it is very easy to use and your hands won’t get dirty because it is not too oily so it doesn’t leave any stain on your hands, and it also has a good smell because this kind of clay is used in a school for children so it is non-toxic and safe.

Another good thing about this kind of clay is that it is easy to mix colors.

Here is the example…


Where to buy : Clay Works at Central World 6th floor.

Price : 100 B. for each (50g.)

The second type of clay that I found is Homespun Clay from Japan


– Become hard after dry without baking.

– Fine, smooth, simple like natural clay.

– Less sticky

– Easy to handle

– No crack

– Become durable after dry



As you can see from the pictures that this kind of clay can leave the stain on your hands which might be a bit annoying that you need to clean your hands every time before touching another color. Another disadvantage of this clay is that you cannot mix two colors of clay together. However, if you want your clay to have color you need to mix it with poster or acrylic paints or paint it after it dried. Apart from these disadvantages, this kind of clay is very smooth and soft, and they usually using this kind of clay to produce tiny models like flowers and tiny toys for decoration.

Where to buy : B2S

Price : White Homespun 240 B.

Black Homespun 170 B.


I also tried to find different kinds of tools and this is all I can find for now.


 Where to Buy : Clays WorksPrice : 105 B.


Where to Buy : B2S

Price : 30 B.

PS. I ordered more kinds of materials and tools on the internet and I am still waiting for them to be delivered, I think I will get all of them by this weekend and I will post the information of each materials on the blog as soon as they’re all arrived.


One thought on “teen’s progress #1 – Finding materials

  1. Good to experiment with materials – I would like to have seen a few more possibilities in the tests – more like test models of possible machettes… will the material need a wire frame? The issue of colour mixing and colour changing is surely not important as the machettes are usually plain in colour. However the issue of oily stains is important to identify. I want to see some sketches too of the models you propose to make. You need to try various poses out before you start the model.

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