Tong ‘s proposal

I have been interesting in the work of “Concept Art for GAMEs”. I never had a chance to try it, so this is the great chance for me to know that “This is my interest” in the future. My aims for this course is to master rough sketch for Environment and Places, Character design and weaponry. I decide to go through this path in order to find my style in ART. There are lots of style that I want to learn from them as they are my master. Therefore, this is the great chance for me to widen my world’s view.

This is some example :

Environment & places






Character Design :  Main characters and Some monsters

dmc-dante-action dmc-kat dmc-vergil 205508_10151174167703068_1870767791_n 480960_10151174166928068_1622712044_n images (1) images (2) images (3) images (4) images ku-medium dmc__dante__s_concept_art_by_wily1983-d5k04tn

Weaponry :

dmc-ebony-and-ivory dmc-rebellion Weapons_CA_11_DmC 390194_10151174165618068_1796603452_n images images (2) images (1) 527px-Weapons_CA_14_DmC Weapons_CA_12_DmC


One thought on “Tong ‘s proposal

  1. Tong
    Please make the research material relevant by adding notes on what they are and why they are influencing your ideas. You need to write the treatment for the game, the type of game style, what context and concept you wish to show (eg a fantasy adventure drawing it’s style from the ‘Rama IV era in Thaialand’ or the ‘Vikings from Denmark’ or ‘using the animal skeleton’ as the design concept) and then show some research (that is YOUR drawings) that develop the style(s) in different ways before you get to the final designs.
    So from now on I want to see YOUR drawings not just a whole load of ready made references that someone else has made.
    What is the story?

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