Independent study

I’m interested in 3D and
it’s something that I’m okay with but still need to improve.

So, in independent study class I want to learn more about how to
create a still image of 3D character for 1 post.
I’ll be learning how to do a model/texture/rig/lighting .

Although i’ve learnt the basics of all of these, I still need to practice more
in order to know any old/new problems that i get and how to fix it.

here’s some references what i’m going to do for this class

3d-cartoon-character-design_2323_1 5-beautiful-girl-3d-cartoon-character 3284

304034_1203712548_large 304034_1223334726_large 304034_1297775261_large

304034_1332804716_medium 304034_1358425579_large

(sorry,i’ve made another blog for independent study class like a couple weeks ago. i didnt know that i have to post it on here)


One thought on “Independent study

  1. YOu need to write about the images you have posted, what do you find interesting about them – the pose, the lighting, the texture. I want to see more of what it is you actually plan to design. And this should have some relationship to these references. YOu need to be sketching your ideas and developing the character concept that you are planning to work with.

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