Gib’s progress#2 : Second piece of J’s project – underwater world

On Tuesday, J has assigned work to me. This is the second piece of painting. This scene is supposed to show the world underwater; ocean, but it is not a normal world. Every creature in this world is made of stationary.

J has told that in this scene, there would be submarine coming out from left hand side of the frame and come toward a camera in perspective. Comparing to the land, he said that it would be at night. Over all scene look should be a little bit dark and there would be the light come from the submarine.

After we discussed, I start to find some reference in color, tone, and composition.

this is the link for download references that I found:

*some are photographs,but some are concept art.

I think that I would add a little bit green in to the scene instead of having monotone; blue as it is the ocean because it gives a feeling of mysterious.

This is my first attempt in composition.



I am still thinking whether there is some thing cover this space to create feeling of mysterious more. I would discussed to J as soon as possible.


One thought on “Gib’s progress#2 : Second piece of J’s project – underwater world

  1. Good work. I can see how you are interpreting the brief because you are creating images from the references. You need to keep in mind the function of the Background and avoid having objects that may need to move as these can add work for the animator which may eat up time they haven’t got!
    Great! Keep it up!

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