3D character

I’m deciding what character i’m going to model.
There’re two ideas that i’m still deciding which are cartoon-like of myself and another different idea which’s a human character in a futuristic world.
For my own character i’d not make a realistic model of myself, but just a simplified character
which’s similar to 3D characters from Disney or Pixar. it’s not gonna have much details, just a simple figure.

For example, Vanellope from Wreck i ralph, Agnes from Describable me

3270052_height370_width518 AgnesCute


tumblr_static_tumblr_mcyekzmosh1rvywilo1_500 vanellope

However, i’m not gonna create exact look from reference.
I want my model to be different. I wanna try adding my own identity into the model.
For example, Tim burton, he has his unique style which everyone easily recognizes that it’s his work.




Another very different idea is that i’m gonna create a human character but very far from the reality
because i’m gonna create a futurist human in my persepctive. the idea is that, nowadays people are provided with
conveniences. they live with all technologies that make their lives easier and in the futuristic world, their lives/figures change as
the world’s changing like a evolution of humanity in the futuristic period.


One thought on “3D character

  1. Start drawing ideas and stop referencing every one else! Until you start to draw it you are just looking, not understanding what the problems each design has. It is week six now…

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