Aoei’s Progress #1 – Character Design

I’ve been thinking about the character I will be modeling and I came up with this character…

Her name is Amy, she’s a 15-year-old half Thai-Canadian. Amy was born in Canada but she moved to Thailand when she was really young and stayed here every since. She’s kind of a tom-boyish person and she’s very blunt, playful, always energetic and loud. Most of the time people doesn’t understand what she’s saying because it seems like she has her own magical world. She is a hardcore gamer so she carries around her favourite PSP everywhere she goes. She is short sighted because of excessive gameplay. She’s supposed to be wearing glasses but she doesn’t like looking at the world though frames so she usually wear contacts although her eyes are very sensitive. Her favourite outfit to wear is short jeans, her long-sleeved shirt with a robot, and her comfy red converse. Her toes are really weird and chubby like cocktail sausages so she never takes off her socks no matter what happens.

I actually loosely based this character on my best friend who’s half Thai-Canadian, she moved back to Canada about almost 3 years ago.

These are some of the first sketches I made and I realised that  I kind of made her look too old…



These are the sketches following the first ones and I think it looks better because she looks less old and more playful with this style. I think she will end up looking something like this but I might make some adjustments later and I will sketch out more poses and facial expressions for her so that I understand the character more.

By next week I will have image planes and a finalised colour palette so that I can start modeling and texturing Amy.





One thought on “Aoei’s Progress #1 – Character Design

  1. Great! You need to make a string decision on her physique, is she more tom boyish with flat chest or moving towards a more feminine sexier look. At 15 she is at the changing time in girls physique – This affects the story and also may add (either way) to the target audience appeal. Does she want to stay free (and strong?) in the asexual childish world or have hormones kicked in and she wants to kick-ass or get in fight or attract boys? Is she self conscious about her looks or strong minded confident or still blissfully unaware of the sexual divide… You need to get this clear in your mind as all these things affect design and appeal.

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